Be Sure You're Treating Your Employees Right

Create safe, fair human resource guidelines for your business

Your employees are your strongest asset. When drafting up your human resources guidelines, you want to make sure you aren’t missing anything. That’s where Schaefer Healthcare Advisory Services, LLC comes in. We have extensive knowledge about employee benefits and labor laws. You can trust us to help you create handbooks and policies that take all proper precautions into account.

You can trust us to help you figure out:

  • What constitutes an HR violation
  • How HR disputes will be settled
  • The rules for your workplace
  • Benefits that employees receive

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Do right by yourself and your employees

Setting up employee handbooks can be difficult. We’re here to make it easier by making edits and suggestions. Our background knowledge of legal benefits and company bylaws helps us to better help you. We can also help with payroll services and incentivizing work.

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